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     The Cahee Creole Shack was originated from deep and rich Louisiana roots. Creole cuisine is a major part of Southern Louisiana. Creole food is a blend of the various cultures that found their way to Louisiana including French, Spanish, Acadian, Caribbean, West African, German and Native American, among others.

     The rich and savory food has tantalizing flavors that make your taste buds jump with excitement. Owner Gerald Cahee brings the flavor and savor of Southern Louisiana to Northern Louisiana. His family heritage encompasses the Creole cuisine passed down for generations with desires to impact generations to come including communities throughout Louisiana.

     The Shack will have signature Creole dishes such as etouffee, gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp stew, shrimp and grits and so much more. As Creole hits North Louisiana, you will be sure to enjoy scrumptious dishes at the Creole Shack. You will be sure to say “Ca C’est Bon”, “That’s, Good!” See you at the Creole Shack, that is Cahee Creole Shack!

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